Hautalan Sähkömoottori Oy

Hautalan Sähkömoottori Oy was founded by Lauri Hautala in 1958. At that time the company was called Hautalan Kone ja Moottori. Originally the company was working with trucks, but company’s sector changed from trucks to motors, when Tampella suggested exchanging a truck to a pile of motors. Those motors were sold easily and quickly and that was the beginning of a new branch of business for Hautalan Kone ja Moottori. At first the company operated from a basement on Hatanpään Valtatie -street in Tampere, from where the company moved to Vuolteenkatu 13 and later Pirkankatu 16.

In 2000 the company moved again to it’s current location, where the motor storage had already been located for decades. Two new warehouses were built, a first one in 1995 and a second one in 2003.

Anja Uusi-Rajasalo grew to the position of executive director with help from his father. Her careed in company started as a errand girl continuing to a titles of secretary and salesperson and at last the executive director in 1980.