Motor Service

Motor Service

Our own motor service workshop makes all the work included in electric motors.

Mounting of new bearings and seals
Cleaning and painting
Mechanical repairs

Spare parts

We can also supply spare parts to most common brands.
  • Bearings, seals and front flanges
  • Connector boxes and couplings
  • Fans and covers
  • Feet and mounting flanges
  • Stators and rotors
  • Safety switches
We can supply the spare parts to motors from following brands:
  • ABB
  • HSM
  • Strömberg
  • REGAL BELOIT BV (formerly known as Dutchi Motors BV)
  • Van der Graaf drum motors

Note that from us you can get spare parts to some very old motors also, such as over 50-year-old motors made by Strömberg.

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